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Shanghai and Japan: Day 3

We spent today mainly visiting the Yuyuan Garden (forgot the name) – which is essentially a giant tourist trap, but a pretty cool one. I actually remembered this area vividly from coming to Shanghai in 2013 on an EF Education First tour. A lot of peddlers trying to sell fake bags/watches and still the same intricate ancient Chinese architecture.

Towards the end of the day, we walked through the French Concession area – essentially a high end Newbury Street-esque spot full of multi-cultural fancy restaurants. Then made our way back to the hotel with a 2 mile bike ride home through the city and Fudan University.

Drew had to give a quick presentation for his last final – so I tagged along. Then we ended out the day with some late night pickup basketball and beef noodle.

So many tour groups.

I still have the last paint set I purchased here. I can do a mean bamboo.

Ancient temples with a giant koi pond threaded between the buildings.

“Look! Fishies!”

As always – Chinese tourists from the countryside like taking pictures of their children with white people.

Soupy dumplings to go.

This area was very tiring. Trying to move throughout the crowds, read signs, bargain, find food, can all take a couple of hours. It was also tough finding a cab here.

Catching the subway to go back towards SUFE

Mmmm bubble tea.

No one could get the computer presentation working – so they all presented on their laptops…

Balling with random Chinese pickup players. Red shorts was really good – but the night ended with an accidental shoulder to the mouth and lots of blood.

Late night beef noodle with Rider – a fellow student studying abroad from Boston College. This restaurant was built into a families house and they served handmade noodles.

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