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Shanghai and Japan: Day 4

This was the last day in Shanghai, of which Drew had his last final of the semester (3 hours). We got off to a later start. Main attractions were: food court, giant temple, walk through park, then a graduation ride through the Bund with Drew’s classmates.

We started our day around noon so we hit up this food court first.

This smoothie company had little pods where you could create a modular smoothie to order.

Goo filled croissants. Good spelling B word.

Next stop was this giant temple. There is a name for it, I just don’t know it.

The scale of temples is always overwhelming.

Shiny Buddha.

We arrived at the beautiful Shanghai Museum after it closed. Oops.

Evening walk through the public park. A common thing to do in China.

Gambling while playing Chinese Chess, Mahjong, and card games.

Restaurant hidden in the middle of the public park. Expensive, but good.

Yay we are seniors now! Some students from BC, Butler, and others.

Imagine the electric bill.

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