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Shanghai and Japan: Day 5

This was one of the most stressful travel days of all time. Long story short, we got to the airport extra early, 2.5 hours, but they booked 3 international flights in the same area. We cut lines, pulled sneaky moves, and made our flight by 1 minute… literally. We hopped on the bus to the airplane and they closed the gate 30 seconds later. Had we missed, our visa would have run out and it would have been terrible.

Get to the flight two hours early and there is a line at checkin wrapping out of the regular area and down the hall an extra 2 bag checks.

How you know you’ve arrived in Japan… you are welcomed by the Mario crew.

Alas we arrived. Full

About a 45 min ride on the train to get to Kyoto.

Kyoto station is massive. Largest I’ve ever seen by far. It is 11 floors mixed with malls, hotels, restaurants, etc

We ate an early dinner in one of the wings of Kyoto station.

We explored the Aeon mall next to our hotel for a while and found this cool arcade inside.

A Dance Dance master. Ask Drew to see the video of this…

Drew and I ended the day with a late night walk through the city. Finding random pics of Pokemon on street lights is hilarious.

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