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Shanghai and Japan: Day 6

First of two full days we will be spending in Kyoto. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain on and off all day. We almost bailed on exploring Arashiyama – which included a beautiful temple and bamboo forest. Thankfully we did go because the rain actually provided incredible sounds that complimented the zen ambience of the temple. It also seemed to prevent a lot of tourists from crowding the area too much.

Some fancy convenience stores have a machine cashier. This is Drew figuring out how to buy breakfast.

We were dropped off by the cab on this street, not totally sure where to go and immediately rained on.

Graveyard leading up to the temple.

Found the temple.

Sound of rain on pond. We arrived around 30 minutes before the rest of the tourists – 10am.

The moss coverings on the stones and landscape give everything a lively feel.

The bamboo forest.

We hiked to the top of a mountain where no one else was. It was fun, but super wet.

When we finally got back from the temple – it was ramen time. The 10th floor of the massive Kyoto train station is famous for its ramen shops.

First you order on a machine, then you wait in line to be seated.

That concluded a long day of walking, minus a small trip back to the arcade. Oh yeah, and there are bike parking lots here.

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