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Shanghai and Japan: Day 7

Today was the longest day of the trip so far. We walked long and far, visiting 3 to 4 temples and walking down 3 major streets. The main sights were Kurama Mountain – for the nerdier readers out there, Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho was named after this mountain. It is said to have spiritual properties and is protected by a fox god.

Unlike yesterday, we did end up hitting a lot of tourist traffic at Kurama. Tons of people were on this verdant mountain. However, most people did not follow the ‘danger’ signs to go on a several mile hike through the back side of the mountain all alone. We can thank Drew for that one. It was actually great though.

Afterwards we figured out the bus system and made our way to the Nishiki Market and then the Gion District. Both about a mile away from Kyoto Station and our hotel.

“I would like a large coffee.”

The entrance to the Kurama Mountain was the most packed area with tourists so far.

These were good luck charms that you could customize and hang outside the temple. How sick is that Gundam?

We found a secret way with nobody else around. Just had to go through a few ‘danger’ signs.

Ancient fox god overseeing the mountain.

Next stop was the Golden Temple. I actually liked this the least of all the temples so far, mostly due to the crowd, so I didn’t pick a lot of pics from it.

The vending machines are everywhere.

Anyone can rent a kimono and sandals to wear around all day. There were a fair amount of tourists taking advantage of this, some looked better than others.

Next was the Gion district, but we first made a stop at the Nishiki Market.

Kyoto had a lot of pretty rivers running throughout.

On the prettiest street in Kyoto. Geishas come out from 4pm-6pm each day to go to entertainment appointments (whatever that means…). So you are super lucky if you are able to see any. Joy was on a mission.

We once again finished the day with ramen and arcade. Though today, the arcading was much more successful.

Stairs lit up in the Kyoto station.

Ramen choices.

These arcade games are really cool. You bring a deck of cards (think Magic or Yu Gi Oh) and play against the game. The board senses the cards you play.

There is a long story to this. Ask Drew or I later.

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