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Beginning: The Bootstrapped MBA

What is it?

I created this personal “MBA” program to formally structure personal growth and learning opportunities over the course of a year(ish). I wanted to utilize as many “free” or open source forms of learning on my own as I could – such as books, online tutorials, and other blogs. With a vested interest in technology and business, I wanted the program to reflect a balance between hard technical skills and soft business skills.

Technical Skills

A lot of the technical skills will be relevant to immediate personal projects and job opportunities I am currently seeking – so I decided to list out what I think the most relevant skills are and attack them as a preface to the real program which consists mostly of books. As of this blog post, the technical list to research is as follows:

  • HTML/CSS (The Basics)
  • ES6 (JavaScript)
  • SQL (Basics, Business Metrics)
  • Agile Management
  • Python (Automation & Analytics)
  • Email Marketing

Program Structure

The rest of the Bootstrapped MBA program is broken up into four categories:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  2. Leadership and Management
  3. Finance
  4. Sales

Each category spans several months and has a series of books to read and potentially a real-world application. I will be writing summary blog posts on each skill, book, and real-world application – mostly to help myself learn and serve as a cheat sheet/reference to all of the content.

Bootstrapped MBA Excel

General Post Structure

I want each post to be short and digestible, no one has time to read that much (even this post is admittedly getting a bit long). The structure of a blog post will be as follows: short post on basic content with some images, one strong example, extra tools and resources list, and ‘the cheat card’.

A cheat card will be an index-card sized printable image that summarizes whatever that particular post is about. I am creating them as personal TL;DRs, so in the future, I can quickly remember the basics of that particular content piece.

The Goal

I will put myself through the rigorous Bootstrapped MBA program over the next year, I will practice applying what I am learning in my professional career in some form or another, and I will document my progress along the way.

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