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The Caju Company

What is the Caju Company?

Caju Company was founded by Hai Nguyen and specializes in importing wood fire roasted cashews out of Vietnam. More than 20 years ago, Hai Nguyen’s Aunt Ngoc started a small business roasting cashews by hand to sell to the local communities as a means to make a living. Two decades later, after much success, their family business had grown in Southern Vietnam and began expanding even further by exporting mass quantities of cashews to China.

I started helping with Caju around 2015 when Hai asked me to write blog posts to improve the online store’s SEO. Since then, Hai and I have travelled to Vietnam twice to visit his family and the plant, worked several food fairs, and expanded to +15 stores between San Francisco – Los Angeles – and Boston.

What is so special about Caju’s cashews?

Caju cashews are high grade, wood fire roasted, and the best cashews you will ever have. Cashews are graded by their color, size and shape. Hai’s family only uses the highest grades for roasting, meaning you will get large, wholesome and evenly colored cashews in Caju packages. Wood fire roasted means there is no oil used in the cooking process. This makes the cashews crunchier and healthier than the mass-produced brands you find in the grocery store.

Where can I find Caju cashews?

The cashews are in retail stores throughout San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Cambridge MA. Actual store listings can be found here. The cashews can also be found on Amazon! Though demand is high, so be on the lookout for when they are in stock.

What are the next steps for Caju?

Caju is currently focused on expansion in the West coast (getting into more retail stores) and releasing new flavors like the new delicious Honey Roasted cashews.

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