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Vietnam Day 6: Touring Phu Quoc

8:15 am – We were going to rent a boat for the day, but it is down pouring out, so we are going to Tour via taxi while it rains.


8:45 am – Went to the Long Beach Pearl farm. Similar to certain regions in China, pearl farms are very popular on Phu Quoc. They quickly teach you how the pearls are grown, then try to sell you on all the jewelry and accessories in the next room.



9:15 am – They also sell a special liquor, called Sim Wine, made from the Myrtle Tree. It is very very sweet and unique to the island.


9:30 am – Stopping by the Sim Wine factory. They also sell Sim Honey, which is just as sweet and a similar consistency but non-alcoholic.


9:58 am – Phu Quoc used to be like Alcatraz. They would ship prisoners here so they couldn’t escape via land. The cab driver says there is a curse on the island that if you start a business here, the money never leaves the island. He also said not to announce when you are leaving or else the island will try to keep you.

Coconut break.

Coconut break.

10:27 am – We also stopped at the fish sauce factory. They ferment fish mixed with salt for a year in large barrels to create the renown Phu Quoc Vietnamese Fish Sauce. Quite pungent.


11:26 am – Arrived at Sao beach in the south. Storm has subsided, lounging around for a while.


4:00 pm – Heading back to our hotel. Decently long ride back, I fell asleep.

6:03 pm – Taking taxi back to the night market.


6:52 pm – $50 usd per kg for the lobsters here. A few species of seafood cost more here than in the US.


6:59 pm – The stalls and vendors are also large restaurants. Pick up critters to go or sit down and eat there.



7:04 pm – Bought some Chuoi (banana) rolled ice cream and it started to rain again. Taking cover then heading home after.



Hai's aunt bought them ice cream.

Hai’s aunt bought them ice cream.

8:34 pm – Went home to grab some stuff, and now going to dinner across the island.

8:52 pm – Toan hand picked and inspected all of the fish to be prepared.


These taste like clams.  You pull them out of their shell using a toothpick.

These taste like clams. You pull them out of their shell using a toothpick.

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