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Vietnam Day 8: Back to Saigon

9:58 am – Checking out of the hotel. Even here there is a lot of construction from the boom in tourism.


10:02 am – Ok Vietnam, so you want to play the strange disease game. Too bad I built up an immunity last year. Red dots appearing along left foot.


11:20 am – Flying back to Saigon.


12:32 pm – On our way out of the airport, Hai and I met a woman from Israel traveling amongst Vietnam. She had been at it for a month and met up with other Israeli groups around the country to do things.


12:43 pm – Our cab driver is fascinating. He is an old man, who has taught himself very solid basic english by watching television and listening to the radio.

1:13 pm – Laundry is about half as much in the city as it was on the island (20,000 vnd per kilo vs 40,000). And unlike the island, they actually dried it so it didn’t smell like wet socks.

2:37 pm – 1 out of every 3 restaurants will bring me spoons and forks instead of chopsticks. No one believes in me 🙁

3:13 pm – Coffee shop lounging and relaxing for the rest of the day. Once again catching up on some work.


4:34 pm – Smoking is still allowed in most cafes here. The smell of cigarettes in the coffee lounge is getting to me.


8:00 pm – Meeting up with Khoa for dinner then off to bed.

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