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Vietnam Days 10-14: Relax and Depart

October 12, 2015

As the two quick weeks came to an end, we spent the final days in the countryside with family and friends. Playing cards, cooking, lounging, drinking, and hard manual labor define the rituals of the people living an hour and a half outside of Saigon. Rather than doing my non-stop journal scribbles, I chose to […]

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Vietnam Day 10: How to Ca Phe Sua Da

October 09, 2015

The last few days of this trip I am out in the countryside. Aside from quality time with Hai’s family, we are dedicating most of our time to catching up on outstanding work and resting. Instead of the usual posts, I want to wrap up the trip with a few how-to’s and tips on some […]

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Vietnam Day 8: Back to Saigon

October 07, 2015

9:58 am – Checking out of the hotel. Even here there is a lot of construction from the boom in tourism. 10:02 am – Ok Vietnam, so you want to play the strange disease game. Too bad I built up an immunity last year. Red dots appearing along left foot. 11:20 am – Flying back […]

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Vietnam Day 7: Day Market in Phu Quoc

October 05, 2015

8:44 am – Breakfast at a fancy pho restaurant aimed towards tourists. Very nice view of the ocean. 9:59 am – Following Toan to a day market in Phu Quoc. They are flying out at 3 pm today, Hai and I are staying through tomorrow (cheaper flight). Looks like it might rain again. 10:17 am […]

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Vietnam Day 6: Touring Phu Quoc

October 04, 2015

8:15 am – We were going to rent a boat for the day, but it is down pouring out, so we are going to Tour via taxi while it rains. 8:45 am – Went to the Long Beach Pearl farm. Similar to certain regions in China, pearl farms are very popular on Phu Quoc. They […]

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Vietnam Day 5: Flying to Phu Quoc

October 04, 2015

8:53 am – There aren’t many fat people here. There are a handful of men and women with slight belly’s but most are either malnourished or average size. Hai pointed out it is due to the small portions they feed for meals at restaurants. Then he asked for a second bowl of Pho. 10:45 am […]

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Vietnam Day 3: Hoi An Day Trip

October 02, 2015

9:30 am – Taking one of the cousin’s scooters down to Hoi An for the day. It is about a 45 minute drive from Da Nang. 9:50 am – The road to Hoi An is jam packed with condo development, beachfront resorts, and a few golf courses. Clearly aimed towards Western tourists, even the billboards […]

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Vietnam Day 2: Flying to Da Nang

September 29, 2015

8:01 am – Still jet lagged and last night’s dinner is not sitting well. Awake since 3:30 am. 9:32 am – Shot back in to Cho Ben Thanh for breakfast. We paid 100,000 dong for two small bowls of Vit (duck) noodle soup – little did we know much better restaurants were around the corner […]

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