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China Trip 2013 – Throwback Post

August 27, 2015
in China

In the spring of 2013 I was lucky enough to be invited as a chaperone for a trip to China sponsored by my high school and EF Tours. The trip was two weeks long and brought us through Beijing, Pingxiang, and Shanghai. I went with my brother, old principle, few other faculty, and a group […]

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The cashew nut grows off of the bottom of a fruit produced by the tree.  These nuts have a shell and skin on them that irritate the skin significantly.  The farmers handle with care while picking.

How Cashews are Made

August 23, 2015

These pictures are scattered throughout my Vietnam trip posts. I thought it would be cool to put them together to visually show the full process, from growing to retail, of creating high quality cashews. Without further adieu… More on how to grade high quality cashews.

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One-way ticket.

Moving to California

August 11, 2015

It is time for change. A series of opportunities, future potential, desire to travel, and support from friends and family has lead me to move from my hometown of Boston, MA to California. I Feng Shui’ed all my belongings – highly recommend this book if you don’t know what that means, all should read it […]

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Teammo (1)

Re-Platforming ManualsOnline

July 19, 2015

Background As a Web Operations Manager at OwnerIQ, I am a part of the 6 man “Support Solutions” team. We deal with everything related to OIQ’s child website – ManualsOnline.com. I work with the website’s front end (HTML/CSS/JS), database (SQL), strategic growth, technical marketing of the product PSE (Product Support for E-Commerce), and other tasks […]

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My First Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament

July 07, 2015

I have come a long way since my first days of being a White Belt… This fight was one of my first tournaments and first times fighting No-Gi (without the use of a traditional Gi – which is a much different experience than fighting with a Gi). I am now a Blue Belt under the […]

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Learning Vietnamese: A Preface

June 18, 2015

Let’s Begin… A Preface In high school I took a series of language classes: Spanish, Latin, and Ancient Greek. I never mastered any, but became conversationally-able in Spanish and actually can translate a fair amount of Latin to this day. I chose Latin because it made me stand out (and I have a nerdy affinity […]

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Primal Infographic – Mark’s Daily Apple

May 28, 2015

I am a huge fan of Mark’s Daily Apple blog. While I am not a “primal living” fanatic, I still see a lot of parallels between the lifestyles of those who are and myself. Many elements of the infographic below are things I have been internally preaching to myself since college. Where I end up […]

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How to Create a Website with WordPress

February 10, 2015

Intro Time: ~30 minute setup Costs: Domain Name: $12 a year, Hosting: ~$50 a year, Website Theme: $0 – $70 This the first of 8 posts I will do as I teach the Technical Marketing segment for the Startup Institute’s RampUp Program. As the Startup Institute puts it – “Our eight-week program gives you the […]

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Post-Lightroom Dan and Hai

Lightroom Photo Editing 101

January 05, 2015

My brother showed me this tutorial by Anthony Morganti on Adobe’s Lightroom application. Anthony’s basic changes made a massive difference in a lot of my photographs. If you are new to Lightroom and have 15 minutes to spare, then watch this right now and reap the benefits.

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