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Learning Vietnamese: A Preface

June 18, 2015

Let’s Begin… A Preface In high school I took a series of language classes: Spanish, Latin, and Ancient Greek. I never mastered any, but became conversationally-able in Spanish and actually can translate a fair amount of Latin to this day. I chose Latin because it made me stand out (and I have a nerdy affinity […]

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Primal Infographic – Mark’s Daily Apple

May 28, 2015

I am a huge fan of Mark’s Daily Apple blog. While I am not a “primal living” fanatic, I still see a lot of parallels between the lifestyles of those who are and myself. Many elements of the infographic below are things I have been internally preaching to myself since college. Where I end up […]

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How to Create a Website with WordPress

February 10, 2015

Intro Time: ~30 minute setup Costs: Domain Name: $12 a year, Hosting: ~$50 a year, Website Theme: $0 – $70 This the first of 8 posts I will do as I teach the Technical Marketing segment for the Startup Institute’s RampUp Program. As the Startup Institute puts it – “Our eight-week program gives you the […]

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Post-Lightroom Dan and Hai

Lightroom Photo Editing 101

January 05, 2015

My brother showed me this tutorial by Anthony Morganti on Adobe’s Lightroom application. Anthony’s basic changes made a massive difference in a lot of my photographs. If you are new to Lightroom and have 15 minutes to spare, then watch this right now and reap the benefits.

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I don't bite!

Vietnam Day 13: Saying Goodbye

September 28, 2014

9:20 am – Ate a lot of weird stuff yesterday. Hives are back. Damn. 10:22 am – Late start to the day. Long coffee break and car cleaning before heading out. Suits aren’t ready yet so we are going to head to the pharmacy. 10:45 am – Good thing you don’t need any prescriptions for […]

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Power nap was essential.

Vietnam Day 12: Reunited in the South

September 27, 2014

7:46 am – Red Bull here has a slightly sweeter taste and no carbonation. It is interesting how companies adjust their products to cater to a specific region’s tastes. Marketing. 8:15 am – Went back to borderline insane woman’s breakfast place. She likes to continuously speak to everyone who walks by. Naturally, as the only […]

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Vietnam Day 11: Terrible Travel Day

September 25, 2014

5:15 am – Have to get up early to catch a 4-hour bus. Cows start making loud cow-noises as natural alarms at about 4:45 am. There was a massive spider in the bathroom too. 8:37 am – Bus ride of Satan. Vietnamese trap-pop music torments us as we journey many hours on this air-conditioning-less cramped […]

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Otherworldly.  Another contender for best pic of trip.

Vietnam Day 10: National Park in Dong Hoi

September 25, 2014

7:10 am – Slept smoothly on the train despite the cramped room, loud passengers, and lack of a clean bathroom. Should be arriving soon. 7:50 am – Arrived at the train station. The two sisters sharing our room wanted our tickets when we got off. They had to do some sort of paperwork on arrival. […]

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